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Agreed Reporting Template for EEG Methodology - International Standard: template for event-related potentials (ERP)
The goal of the ARTEM-IS is to use insights derived from systematic reviews to create both human-friendly and machine-readable templates for documenting the methodological details of an EEG study or pipeline. The template for reporting ERP methodology before you is a pilot project of ARTEM-IS, based on which other subfields of EEG may follow.
Why this project?
As the number of EEG papers increases, so too does the number of guidelines for how to report what has been done. However, current guidelines and checklists appear to have limited adoption, as systematic reviews have shown that the journal article format is prone to errors, ambiguities and omissions of methodological details (Clayson et al., 2019; Šoškić et al., 2021, see also Carp, 2012). This is a problem for transparency in the scientific record, along with reproducibility and metascience.
New reporting tools are needed to overcome the limitations of written methodology descriptions. To be truly useful, these tools need to allow documenting detailed methodology information in supplementary material (and thus also support more precise written descriptions in journal articles), and they should be both intuitive to complete and foolproof-by-design. In order to achieve this, reporting tools should be developed through community consultation to ensure that they have the most utility for EEG stakeholders.
Want to know more?
Read more about the rationale for this project and the design principles we go by on our GitHub page an in our paper, and if you agree support us by signing the ARTEM-IS statement. Have a look at our project on OSF. Talks and slides are available here.
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Want to help?
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ARTEM-IS is developed by an INCF working group, in partnership with eCOBIDAS. A centralized list of the people who contributed to this project can be found here.